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Special Occasion Kippot Headcoverings

Simcha Kippah Head Coverings

Special Occasion Kippot Headcoverings - Simcha Kippah Head Coverings are made with elegance in mind for those times when a really special kippah head covering is needed, to wear during (but not limited to) Synagogue services, a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Bridal - Weddings, Wedding Guests, Shabbat Candle lightings, Kiddish and Festivals, etc.  Stylishly handmade and lightweight - perfect for all religious and fancy occasions. 

Custom orders accepted!  If you don's see what you are looking for, please contact me with description of color/design you are looking for.

Our kippot headcoverings make great gifts for any occasion.

To purchase select from the below designs. Click on pictures for a larger view.

White Fance Pearl Bead Applique Kippah White Pearl Bead Sequin Fancy Women's Kippah White Pearl Cascading Bead Simcha Headcovering
SO8. Fancy White Pearl Appliqué Kippah w/gorgeous cascading pearl beaded & sequin appliqué. The iridescent sequins reflect the surrounding colors! Perfect head coverings gift for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Weddings, Shabbat, the Festivals or any special occasion! Absolutely gorgeous on!.
Price: 26.99

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A customer writes:

I need before September 1st for my son's Bar Mitzvah! I am so excited this is the most beautiful head covering (SO8 Fancy White Pearl Appliqué Kippah) I have ever seen!!! Jaimi W., CA

A customer writes:

Hi D'vorah, I just wanted to tell you that my kippah (SO8 Kippah) arrived yesterday and it is absolutely magnificent. I feel like a princess! I know that I will have many women interested in where it is from. Coincidentally, I happen to be a co-chairperson for our Temple Gift Shop. I was wondering if you sell for resale, and if so what your pricing would be. I would love to bring in about a half dozen items. Please let me know if this is possible. Again, I am delighted with the kippah I chose, and am already planning to order more. Sincerely, Linda P., CA.

A customer writes:

Hi Devorah. I ordered, and received, the SO8 White Pearl Applique Kippah. I will be wearing it on 12/23, the day my husband and I will be renewing our wedding vows after 50 years of marriage. Our Rabbi will be conducting a traditional wedding ceremony. I did not want to wear a veil as I am not wearing a wedding gown. Your kippa is just what I wanted. It is not only beautiful, it is me, as my daughter would say. My husband is as delighted as I am. Thank you so much. Elaine (the blushing bride)

Black Elegance Black Pearl Applique Kippah Black Elegance Pearl Bead Simcha Headcovering Black Cotton Elegant Black Pearl Sequin Applique Kippot White Elegance Sequin and Beaded Applique Kippah
SO9. Black or White Elegance! Black or White Mercerized Cotton - Black Sequin & Pearl Appliqué Kippah. Gorgeous cascading pearl beaded & sequin appliqué. The iridescent sequins reflect surrounding colors! 
Now also available in black chenille with same pretty black pearl appliqué!  Select below.
Price: 19.99  Temporarily SOLD OUT

Crochet Kippah with Gold & Pearl Bead Sequin Applique Gold & Pearl Bead Sequin Applique Kippahnew tag
SO10. Crochet Kippah with Gold & Pearl Bead Sequin Appliqué
Available in black  or white mercerized cotton yarn kippah - select below.
Price: 32.99

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Gray Chenille Kippah Large White Pearl Applique
SO11. Chenille Appliqué Kippah w/large gorgeous white pearl beaded & embroidery appliqué.  Kippah is available in a variety of chenille yarn colors - select below.
Price: 26.99

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A customer writes:

Hi, D'vorah, I just received the kippah today. (SO11 Ivory Chenille Applique Kippah) I've already tried it on, and it is stunning! I can't wait to wear it at our ceremony next week. Thank you so much for the great service, and for such a beautiful piece. Lisa E.

Blue Cotton Chenille Kippah White Venise Trim Applique Blue Chenille Kippah White Pearl Bead Applique Dark Turquoise Chenille Kippah White Pearl Bead Applique
SO12. Chenille Pearl Bead & Sequin Appliqué Kippah w/scallop pearl bead trim.
Many chenille yarn colors available. The same white pearl bead & sequin appliqué and pearl bead trim will be added to your choice of chenille yarn color - select below.
Price: 26.99 Temporarily Sold Out

White Kippah Ivory Diamond Pearl Beaded Tassel White Crochet Kippah Ivory Diamon Pearl Bead Tassel White Kippah Ivory Cascading Pearl Bead Applique Tassel Ivory Chenille Kippah Ivory Pearl Diamond Tassel
SO13. White Mercerized Cotton Kippah w/ivory diamond cascading pearl beaded appliqué.
Crochet kippah available in white cotton or ivory chenille with same ivory pearl beaded appliqué, select below.
Price: 19.99

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Ivory Chenille Ivory Pearl Sequine Venise Applique Kippah Ivory Chenille Kippah Ivory Sequin Pearl Bead Applique Ivory Chenille Kippah Ivory Pearl Beaded Applique Kippot
SO14. Ivory Chenille Kippah w/ivory sequin & pearl beaded appliqué.

Temporarily Sold Out

Black Croceht Black Sequin Applique Black Kippah Black Sequin Applique Kipa
SO15. Black Crochet Black Sequin Appliqué Kippah

Price: 18.99

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White Crochet Kippah Fancy Gold Beaded Applique White Crocheted Kippah Fancy Gold Bead Sequin Applique Headcovering White Kippah Turquoise Sequin Beaded Applique White Crochet Kippah Turquoise Bead Sequin Applique Purple Chenille Kippah Fancy Gold Beaded Applique Ivory Chenille Fancy Sequin Beaded Gold Applique Kippah
SO16. Crochet Kippah w/gold-gold OR turquoise -silver bead & sequin fancy appliqué.
Available in mercerized cotton or chenille yarns - select color choice below.

White Crochet Kippah White Sequin Organza Bow White Kippah White Organza Bow Kippa Black Chenille Kippah Black Sequin Organza BowNew tag
SO17. White or Black Crochet Kippah with white or black sequin organza bow. Our bow kippot are always very popular so materials for these will be very limited, get yours while you can!
Price: 17.99  Black sold out

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