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Lace Snood Headcoverings

Modest Lace Snood Head Coverings

Lace Snoods make gorgeous head coverings that can be worn for those special and elegant occasions.  I use a variety of high quality lace fabrics: Alencon, Chantilly, Battenberg, Venetian, Leavers (machine made lace), Raschel and Princess laces. Along with varied lace designs from plain, simple floral design to intricate elegant and delicate lace design.

Don't see a lace or a color you are looking for? Contact me to see what other lace may be available that is not yet listed.

Snood Headcovering Tying Designs

To purchase, select from the below designs.

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Ivory ReEmbroidery Floral Lace Snood Ivory ReEmbroidery Lace Snoods White ReEmbroidery Lace Snood Tichels
L7. Re-Embroidery Lace Snood w/pearl bead rayon cording ties.
Price: 20.99

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Headcovering - White Satin Stitch Lace Snood Headcovering White Satin Stitch Snood Lace Head Covering #3 White Satin Stitch Lace Snood Headcovering #8
L9. White Satin Stitch Embroidery Floral Lace Snood w/white pearl bead rayon cording ties and bead tie tips.

Price: 21.99 SOLD OUT

A customer writes:

Thank you again! Looking forward to more business with you in the near future..I wear my white snood (L9 White Satin Stitch Embroidery Floral Lace Snood) with the pearl trim on Erev Shabbat..I love it and it makes me feel happy. Frances, WA.

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