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Headband Hair Accessories

Our headband hair accessories are available in a variety of designs and colors. Wear scrunched as a headband or
extended for a kerchief-like coverage
. Great for those who loves wearing hair accessories. Headbands are the perfect
accessory for everyday wear. With so many comfortable designs and colors to choose from, you will find a headband
for every occasion
. I will be adding many more new colors and styles soon!

Headbands also make great starter head coverings. One size fits most adult head sizes.  When purchasing, please
include head measurement if you would like a custom fit.

Black Poly Cotton Headband

Black Poly Cotton Headband Black Poly Cotton Headband Head Wrap Red Poly Headband Loden Green Batiste Fabric Swatch
Red Batiste Fabric Swatch Brown Batiste Fabric Swatch Mauve Batiste Fabric Swatch Turquoise Batiste Fabric Swatch
Pink Batiste Fabric Swatch Gray Batiste Fabric Swatch Denim Blue Batiste Tiechel Mitpachat Tza'if Headcovering Burgundy Batiste Fabric Swatch
Navy Batiste Fabric Swatch Kelly Green Batiste Fabric Light Tan Batiste Fabric Swatch Black Batiste Fabric Swatch White Batiste Fabric Swatch

Extension headband available in a variety of colors. Lightweight and comfy that will go with most everything in your wardrobe! Extra wide to cover your hair. Fabric covered elastic back. A perfect hair accessory for women on the go!

Fabric & Design:
poly-cotton / hand made

Sizes Available:
one size fits most adult head sizes.

Price: $12.99
Item #: HB1
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Black Lace Headband Black Lace Headband Black Lace Head Bands
HB2. Black Wide Lace Headband.
One size fits all.
Price: 9.99 SOLD OUT - substituting with another lace pattern.

A customer writes:

I just wanted to say thank you! I just received my order, a simple black lace headband (HB2 Black Wide Lace Headband). My daughter who is special needs and very sensitive to what touches her is actually wearing it! She has thick curly hair and this is holding it back and making her look so much prettier! I just wanted to say thanks so much and we will definitely be repeat customers! Angela, TX.

Black Satin Headband Black Satin Headband Seret Metzach Black Satin Seret Metzach Headcovering Headbands
HB3. Black Peach Skin Headband.
Wear tied underneath hair, or for a different look wear tied in a pony-tail style. Available in also in navy, brown or creme colors - select below. One size fits all.
Price: 9.99

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Navy Brown Gray White Headband

Navy Brown and White Head Band Paisley Headbands Poly Silk Headband Navy Brown Gray White Paisley

White Navy Brown White and Gray Paisley Design Headband All one piece, simply pull on for an instant upscale look. Fabric covered elastic back.

Fabric & Design:
poly silk blend / hand made

Sizes Available:
one size fits most adult head sizes.

Price: $12.99
Item #: HB4


Black Lame Headband Headcovering Black Lame Headband Head Coverings Gold Lame Headbands Silver Lame Headband Hair Covering
HB5. Lame` Headband.
Available in black, gold and silver - select below. One size fits all.
Price: 12.99 BLACK SOLD OUT

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Blue Pink Pastels Paisley HeadbandBlue Pink Floral Paisley Pastels Head Band
HB6. Pastel Paisley Floral Design Headband. Fabric is a cotton print.  One size fits all.
Price: 12.99

Tan Design Headband Beautiful Tan Designed Headband Tan Headband Tan Design Head Bands
HB7. Tan Design Headband. Fabric is a poly sheer.
Extends for a kerchief look. One size fits all.

Price: 12.99 

Black Cotton Design Headband Black Cotton Head Band Black Cotton Design Headbands
HB8. Cotton Design Headband.
A classic hair accessory that can be added to a casual outfit or a formal up-do.  Now available in other colors, select below.

Price: 12.99

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wistful green & creme floral print headband wistful green head band wistful green creme floral cotton headbandsnew tag
HB9. Wistful Green & Creme Floral Print Cotton Headband.
Wear scrunched as a head band or extended for more coverage.
One size fits all.

Price: 12.99

Blue Denim Jacquard Ribbon Trimmed HeadbandHB10. Blue Denim Headband w/gold & black Jacquard ribbon trim.
Price: 13.99

White Eyelet Headband White Eyelet Head Band white eyelet embroidery headbandblack eyelet embroidery floral headband
HB11. Eyelet Embroidery Floral Headband. A cotton fabric in white or black eyelet embroidery.

Price: 12.99 SOLD OUT - Substituting with another white eyelet fabric with embroidery floral stitching as displayed by the last thumbnail picture.

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Blue Denim Gold Embroidery Floral Headband Denim Head Band Denim Embroidery HeadbandEmbroidery Denim Head Band
HB12. Blue Denim Wide Headband w/gold embroidery floral design.
Fabric is a cotton denim.
One size fits all.
Price: 11.99 SOLD OUT - Substituting with the embroidery denim displayed in the last thumbnail picture above.

Batik Headband Batik Head Band Batik Hair bands
HB13. Batik Style Headband. Wear scrunched or extended for more coverage.
Price: 11.99

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