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Featuring a new line of hair accessories designed for style and functionality. To start off the new line is the hair towel turbans, specifically the microfiber hair towel, a type of twist hair towel, a wet hair wrap. I hope to offer soon a organic cotton and a terry cloth hair towel wrap. We hope to offer the best in hair and beauty products!.

Hair Towel Wraps

TerryCloth - Microfiber Hair Wrap Towel

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Microfiber Hair Towel Microfiber Cloth Hair Towels

Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap. A great hair accessory that aids in drying wet hair. Just slip over wet hair, twist and loop and secure with button to securely holds the wrap in place. The microfiber fabric quickly soaks up excess water from hair cutting drying time in half! One size fits all - tapered design for a perfect fit on your head. A variety of colors available - select below. Instructions of how to use are included with purchase.


HTW1 - $5.99

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Nylon Under Cap

Black Nylon Under Cap Wig Cap

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Black Nylon Under Cap Wig Cap Head Coverings

A great hair accessory that aids in keeping head coverings or wigs in place. Made for a snug fit but has room left at the end for hair put up in buns. One size fits all.


UNDCAP - $3.99
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Tichel Grip Headband™

black tichel grip band accessory

Examples How to Wear

tichel with tichel grip headband tichel with tichel grip head band

Fits underneath your hair covering. The best no slip hair accessory! Allows you to wear any head covering, made of any type of fabric, and stay held securely in place without slipping! Our Tichel Grip Headband™ also grips to skin! Those with baldness due to chemo or other types of hair loss will love this wonderful little accessory! Wear under wigs, scarves, snoods, hats, kerchiefs, bandanas - any type of head covering! You will be pleasantly surprised how well the Tichel Grip Headband™ works! One size fits most adult head sizes. Available black - other colors will soon be available.


TCHL-GRP - $12.99