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Snood Wraps Hair Coverings

Lightweight Fabrics - Simple to Wear!

Wrap up your style with our newest hair covering design - Snood Wraps!  

Our signature snood style with wrap around styling ties makes it one of our most versatile and easy to wear hair accessory! 
Crafted from a variety of fabrics and colors.  Snood wraps can be worn in the traditional snood or turban style but it is the
wrap around ties that makes them uniquely you!

Excellent at staying put! 

Mauve Black Gold Lace Snood Wrap

Muave Lace Snood Wrap Cotton Lace Snoodwrap - EXAMPLE
Wear as is or accessorize!
Gorgeous black embroidery cotton snood wrap. Featuring mauve, black & gold lace wrap ties. So easy to wear, slip on, tie and go!   Third thumbnail picture displays an example of the versatility of this head covering - wear with ties only or add your favorite accessory.

One size fits all.

Hand wash, air dry.

Price: $28.99
Item #: SND-WP1

Black & Brown Snood Wrap


Tying styles are limitless!
Black & Brown Snood WrapBlack & Brown Snood Wrap

Black embroidery designed cotton snood with brown cotton & brown Mid Eastern design cotton wrapping ties.

One size fits all.

Machine wash & dry.

Price: $28.99
Item #: SND-WP2

White Lace Snood Wrap


Tying styles are limitless!
White Lace Snood WrapsChantilly Lace Snood Wrap

White lined Chantilly lace snood with white lace wrapping ties. A beautiful head covering for special occasions.

One size fits all.

*Jewelled pin hair accessory is not included with purchase and is for example only.

Hand wash & air dry.

Price: $32.99
Item #: SND-WP3


More colors coming soon!


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