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Mantilla Veil - Headcoverings

For Prayer, Shabbat Candle lightings and Weddings

Browse our specialty mantilla veils!  Featuring extraordinary laces, adornments, and unique cut styles.  In these pages you will find the finest mantilla veils available for prayer, Shabbat candle lightings and weddings. We offer many veil styles to ensure that you get exactly what you're looking for.

Our veils are available in white, ivory, crème, black and many vibrant colors. Edging styles include matching venise trims, lace trims and beading trims.  All veils come with an attached hair comb.

You can also design exactly what you want!

The online mantilla veil catalog contains only a small part of the veil mantilla head coverings that can be made from a vast inventory of materials I have on hand.  Or if you have a special fabric that you would like to have a veil made from or trim attached to, please contact us to discuss details and cost.


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White Rose Venise Trimmmed Bridal Veil Rimon Trimmed White Lace Hair Wrap White Scalloped Veil with White Israeli Venise Trim White Scalloped Lace Untrimmed Mantilla Veil


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Our customers write:

Dear Devorah, We love your headgear!  It's beautiful!  We found you online from
our home in Hong Kong and we're keen to order a veil.  Sally

I just got it today and I would like to say thank you and it is absolutely
beautiful. I am definitely going to recommend you like crazy to anyone who
needs a mantilla.  You are very affordable and do beautiful work.  So thank you
again and if I ever am in need of another one, I will be contacting you. :) Maria

Greetings and peace Devorah!  I purchased three mantillas from you last year
that have been a pleasure to wear due to being comfortable, beautiful, and totally
feminine.  In addition, they are truly conversation starters.  I am going keep
several small sheets of paper with your website on them to hand out when asked.