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Snood Head Coverings

Great for Any Thickness or Length of Hair

Our unique snood designs will fit all lengths of hair, even very short hair. Even if you cannot pull your hair back into a ponytail, you can still wear these snoods!  The thickest of hair and even very long hair can be tamed by a snood.  Snoods keep your hair neatly held in place. Our snoods, ordered in the correct size, should accommodate any length and thickness of hair.

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Batiste Cotton Crochet Denim Lace Lined
Black Batiste Cotton Snood White Gauze Cotton Snood Black Crochet Snood Blue Denim Snood Ivory Re-embroidered Lace Snood Lined Peace Lace Snood
Onion Skin Peach Skin Polyester Rayon Satin Sheer
White Onion Skin Snood Black Peach Skin Snood Polyester Gold Snood Sage Creme Floral Rayon Blend Snood Ginger Satin Snood Black Floral Sheer Snood
Silk Suede Velvet Lace Ties Jacquard Band Mitpachat
Navy Paisley Silk Snood Navy Suede Snood Black Velvet Snood Black Sheer Design Snood with Ties Jacquard Band Black Peach Skin Snood Black Pre-Tied Bandana Snood
Turban Snood Wraps Cowl Snoods Head Wraps
Black Turban Snood African Design Snood Wrap Loden Green Cowl Snood Head Wraps

Snood Head Coverings Can be Worn for a Variety of Reasons

Snood Head Coverings (also known as "cauls") can be worn for work, sport activities, daily wear and elegant occasions such as Bat Mitzvah, Bar Mitzvah and Renaissance occasions. Easy and convenient to wear, especially for those with very busy and active lifestyles. Great for keeping your hair out of your face, off of your neck and gives good coverage fulfilling the mitzvah of tzniut (dressing modestly).

Snoods are great for those who have experienced hair loss, especially chemotherapy related hair loss, because they are not only soft and comfortable but designed to make our customers feel beautiful and restore self-confidence.  Making a difference in the lives of women who are experiencing the side effects of chemotherapy.

Bad hair day? In a rush with no time to spend on fixing your hair problems?  Wear a snood hair cover!  It will make you look well kept and dressy even though you may have not had time to fuss with your hair that morning!  Many styles and colors are available! 

Also try our Mitpachat Scarves, available in the Mitpachat section, it is a scarf very easily wrapped and tied creating a snood type headcovering.

No More Slipping!

Tired of your snoods slipping and having to tug at it all day just to keep it on or in place? Our unique tying designs will not only eliminate slippage but also the need for clips and pins.  Snoods are such great way to instantly dress up any hairstyle and offers the advantage of a look that is completely unique.

Don't see a design you would like?  Please contact us ...we take custom orders!


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