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Cowl Snood Head Coverings

Funnel Scarf - Infinity Scarf - Super Feminine and Unique

Our newest design - Bardas (Hebrew for cowl or hood) - a snood and scarf in one!

Add color and style to your outfits. From lightweight fabrics for warm days and indoor wear to heavier fabrics for the coziest and chicest pieces trending this fall/winter!  Feminine and stylish.

Can be worn as an Infinity Scarf, just slip around the neck and let droop for a very pretty and trendy look or pull up and over head for modesty or prayer, or as a snood hood for windy and cool days.

So easy to wear, no tying, no pins or clips needed!

Bookmark this page more colors and styles coming soon - there is sure to be a cowl scarf that caters to you!

Loden Green Cowl Snood Loden Infinity Scarf Loden Funnel Scarf Dark Loden Cowl Scarf
CWL-SND1. Loden Green Cowl Snood. Made of lightweight poly blend fabric with crinkle/glitter design. Comfortable wear for all seasons.
Price: 18.99 sold out sign

Periwinkle Blue Cowl Snood Head Covering Periwinkle Cowl Hood
CWL-SND2. Periwinkle Blue Cowl Snood. Made of very lightweight poly blend fabric. Drapes really well and a nice dressy wear for warmer weather.
Price: 18.99

Black & White Dot Cowl Snood Head Covering Black & White Dot Cowl Hood Black White Dotted Snood Hood
CWL-SND3. Black & White Dotted Cowl Snood. Made of a rayon fabric. Drapes nicely. Can be worn for casual or dressy occasions.
Price: 18.99 sold out sign

Camel Design Cowl Snood Head Covering Camel Cowl Hood Camel Design Snood Hood
CWL-SND4. Camel Design Cowl Snood. Made of a lightweight poly blend. Has a pretty floral design inlay. Drapes nicely. Wear for casual or for dressy occasions.
Price: 18.99sold out sign

Mauve Gauze Cotton Cowl Snood Head Covering
Mauve Cowl Hood Mauve Gauze Cotton Snood Hood White Gauze Cotton fabric Black Gauze Cotton fabric
Brown Gauze Cotton fabric Lt. Tan Gauze Cotton fabric Ivory Gauze Cotton fabric Yellow Gauze Cotton fabric
peach Gauze Cotton fabric Tangerine Gauze Cotton fabric Orange Gauze Cotton fabric Apple Green Gauze Cotton fabric
Lime Green Gauze Cotton fabric Turquoise Gauze Cotton fabric Light Blue Gauze Cotton fabric Periwinkle Gauze Cotton fabric
Dusty Blue Gauze Cotton fabric Burnt Orange Gauze Cotton fabric Pink Gauze Cotton fabric Mocha Gauze Cotton fabric

Mauve is sold out.
Other colors available.
Gauze Cotton Cowl Snood.  Gauze Cotton is a easy wear and easy care fabric!

Fabric & Design:
gauze cotton / cowl style / hand made

Sizes Available:
one size fits most adults

Price: $18.99
Item #: CWL-SND5
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Orange Browns Floral Cowl Snood Head Covering Orange & Browns Floral Cowl Hood Orange Browns Floral Snood Hood Orange Browns Floral Infinity Scarf
CWL-SND6. Orange & Browns Floral Cowl Snood. Made of a poly blend fabric. Drapes nicely. An easy wear Head Covering.
Price: 18.99 sold out sign

Brown Check Silk Cowl Snood Head Covering Brown Checks Silk Cowl Hood Brown Checks Snood Hood
CWL-SND7. Brown Checks Cowl Snood. Made of a silk fabric. Pretty drape. Wear for casual or dress.
Price: 18.99 sold out sign

Ivory Lace Cowl Snood

Ivory Lace Infinity Scarf Ivory Funnel Scarf Snood

Crème Floral Lace Cowl Snood. Gorgeous, wear for prayer or as bridal wear for weddings.
  • lightweight acrylic rayon lace
  • hand made
  • hand wash / air dry
  • one size fits all

Price: $21.99
Item #: CWL-SND8

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