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Head Coverings for Religious Purposes, Tzniut - Modesty or Hair Loss

Where Modesty Does Not Mean Frumpy!


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Head Coverings, Hair Accessories, Modest Clothing
for Tzniut (Modesty), Prayer, Hair Loss and Cancer Chemotherapy Patients

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Specializing in Handmade Hair Accessories for Women, Men & Children

Our designs can be worn by women of all beliefs and backgrounds - Perfect for Synagogue, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Bridal and Wedding Guests, Prayer Covering for Candle lightings, Kiddush, all Religious and Traditional Occasions and Casual Modest Wear.

We invite you to try our unique tying design for a better way of wearing a head cover without the hassle of pins and clips and constantly tugging due to slippage!

Hair Loss, Chemo Head Scarves - Our designs also make an attractive and comfortable fashionable alternative wear for those with hair loss due to cancer, chemotherapy, alopecia, trichotillomania, lupus and other medical conditions.

As one customer writes: "When your body is falling apart and you have no hair it is very satisfying to have something attractive to put on your head. It makes you feel pretty and whole again." Loretta

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Crown of a Woman

Tzniut (modesty) means knowing and communicating to others that your identity equals your innermost self. Physical appearance should be designed to call attention to one’s worth and nobility, to a good soul.

May our designs be an inspiration to return to the values that have been emphasized for centuries in Jewish life. These values are summed up in the word tzniut. And these values are not only for Jews.  In ancient times, even non-Jewish married women wore a hair cover. (Sanhedrin 58b)